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Coffee to me is synonym to happy life, relaxed sip, that feeling of feet up and rocking on the chair and just being myself.

Starting of 2017, due to my husband and a doctor’s excessive push of why coffee, I decided for myself that lets see how long I can be without coffee. After two months of not having coffee or any other kind of caffeine including tea, pop, chocolate, even cake that might have caffeine here is what I feel about coffee.

Coffee is not a necessity for my life. I have a very healthy sleep and work pattern. I can stay massively involved in my work without feeling of fatigue, unless of course I give up as a human and sleep. Motivation in itself is enough for me to stay wide awake. Even after lunch and at those slow work hours between 3 – 5 pm, a fruit or a walk clears my mind enough to get back to work without need for a coffee break. When hanging out with friends at a coffee shop or home, I can always choose healthier options of juice or coco water or lime juice. Its not like every time I see Starbucks I want coffee!

But after a brief two month hiatus here is the real reason why I want to keep coffee in my life.

If you have ever visited a beach or a mountain peak and just sat there for sometime, you have felt that content feeling inside. That moment when you stop thinking about everything else going on in your life. You are alone with your thoughts, your ideas, your feelings and with nature. Your idea of perfection is right there and you are with it. You don’t feel the need to actually be anywhere else in that moment or do anything else. That uplift and that instant fix of mood is what coffee provides to me.

In plain words my elixir.





Running is such a good thing. Summer evenings and my heart aches to go out and hit the trail.

Run with nothing else to care about. It helps my mind breathe. Of course my run is most enjoyable when I have my best bud running next to me and listening to my endless rant.

That bit of running makes me less guilty for sitting more than ten hours a day and lack of any other major physical activity during the day. The sweat just helps me feel so close to nature and takes away all the conditioned air cells that get settled on my body due to excessive being inside.

I feel free. I feel good. Most of all I get to push myself little bit more each time to run that extra mile.

Master’s coming to an end

This is how it feels-

When you are too close to the end that you can actually see the sunlight shining on your face, all the work left to actually reach the end starts to look trivial. You lose interest in this den world that you were living in so far and all you want to see and all you can see is the bright sun at the end of it all.  It feels exciting, great to think more and more about this outside world. On the downside this ‘whole awesome feeling’ – makes your little work left to reach to the end seem extremely painful and boring. You want to really forget about the work left to do. You just want to get over with! Trust me it requires one hell of a push to make you actually do the work.


Life of Pi!

Saw Life of Pi only recently. I had read this book a long time back and I was moved back then also. And this time around it was no different. The underlying message moves me. For one second Pi left his family to enjoy the outside world and next moment his world was upside down. As if that wasn’t enough he is stuck in an even worse situation that doesn’t even give him time to think about what wrong happened to him. He literally sees people and animals fight and die. He only feels what happens around him. He writes about everything. Mere pencil and notebook become his best friends. He feels sad yet never helpless. He sees God. He makes use of smallest resources possible and shares them. He not only learns to control his own fierce emotions but also learns to control a fierce animal. One wonders how does a man find in himself this hidden talent to make use of such less and live just on one hope! Is hope after all that important. I refuse to believe that it was only his emotions that the tiger’s eyes reflected. It need to more than that. But then if it was anything more then the tiger would have said a ceremonious bye. 

It didn’t feel like a movie to me. It felt ‘Real’. It felt every humans life. When someone passes away, generally they just go. They don’t give anyone time to think or react, they just go. Will everyone just go one day, why does this realization exist in me and yet I feel like its okay to sleep for long hours or enjoy the sun outside. Shouldn’t this realization of less time left, time is passing by very quickly make me do what I should be doing every milli second.

If one really thinks rationally about ‘enjoying every moment’, one will realize it means that ‘live every moment like there is no other’. Enjoying doesn’t mean something external, its internal. Feeling happy in future for having spend that moment in past.

Life of Pi! Life of endurance, giving up everything most dearest to you, basic instincts, survival of the smartest, living close to nature and biggest of all – hope.


The most beautiful day in normal today. Standing at bus stop and thinking how neither the sun is beating down nor the cold is killing me. After so many days my hair can just fly and it needn’t be trapped in a Woolen cap. It’s the day after the rain at night. The wind is creating ripples in small puddles of water and everything seems just so perfect. I am wearing the light jacket that I love the most. If all days would be so perfect we might just not realize when it is like today!
Rain seems to inspire me to write most easily. So of course this is not the first time I am writing a random note about rain.
Jan 29, 2013, 9:33 AM

My 25th

Yes I have lost the chance to be the richest 25 under 25, I have not won any major scientific award neither have I come up with any contribution to the world for which the world would remember me. But you know what I am happy. I have accomplished more than what I ever could have, and I know alone I could not have done even ten percent of what little I did. Its all my family’s support and my tons of friends which helped me pass through each stage.

Also there were so many times I felt that I pushed myself to the maximum and got the best result. But when I think about all those moments now I don’t feel like I did it, I feel like a power beyond me made me do it. Otherwise I am sure I would been just an average girl getting along with life. I am very grateful to that special power(or whatever it is) who took such special care of me every second and gave me the inner strength to be who I am today. Special Thank You!

Lastly, I want to give a big virtual hug to my lil brother and lil sister who have always been such a factor of joy in my life. I just can’t think of a world without them.

Trick or Treat

Pretty much right in the middle of my first semester and touch wood its going great! I love what I am learning. I enjoy the company of my new friends, already comfortable enough to order them around :P. At work, I love getting appreciated for the effort I put in. I am a graduate assistant for one of the coolest and smartest person I have ever met. That is a lot about my life so lets talk about other random interesting things. Oh and just one last thing, I drove just a little bit in US, its just too simple without clutch.

Its halloween weekend. The most cutest and unexpected thing happened to me in Normal Public Library the other day. All small kids dressed up like mario, cindrella, vampires and fairies came up with families and marched in the library. Trust me nothing reduces stress and makes one happy more instantly than that did to me. Also, obviously all my shows are airing halloween episodes. I liked modern family episode and omg cam and lily were so cute in the last scene. Lily is absolutely adorable. The office episode was kinda sad, just liked andy’s look. Big Bang theory was as usual fun. Had I not been so busy, I would have loved to dress up and go for halloween party myself too.

Coming back to my life, a large chunk of it is all about designing a new information system as a part of my course work. Obviously it pretty much takes life out of me and my team.

Here we are burning the midnight oil before our third deliverable submission.